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Your lovely way of being makes me trust you and it’s like you are born to do this. Your presence get me feeling well, relaxed and welcome. I’ve learned a lot from you and hope to learn even more. You really manage to touch my feelings that have been well hidden. I dare to participate in more and more workshops, thanks to you. (Bente)

This experience was very deep and nourishing for my soul and my body, now I know something new about myself. I would never imagine that few days could be so powerful. After that time with you I really feel something changes in my life, and I’m so happy to be ready for this. Thank you for this beautiful experience, for love, for joy, for lough and cry, thank you for your lovely presence. (Michael)

I liked your openness, and disinhibition….. I liked the exercises and the way you demonstrated them…..
This pair is the embodiment of tantra. They are free from any limitations, open, connected to each other and their students, professional, and they truly love what they do. I enjoyed their workshop immensely, and felt in another world, time just flew by. I recommend them warm heartedly. (Meli)

When you enter this space where only the heart knows and speaks and shares all its wisdom, then this is “coming home” – how blessed we were in this workshop to feel so much love, tender care, dedication – and just being! Dhyan and Nama created a free, loving and joyful atmosphere. (Kathrin)

I liked the atmosphere, I didn’t know what would happen, but it put me in a kind of forceful attention, like a very focused meditation and of course I liked the touching, the words you chose to explain everything, the love and tinkling you put in your explanations. I love your relaxed way of handing sexuality and nakedness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your practice with us, it was really enlightening, to show down and take time to really feel yourself, your partner and to put love and attention in every moment. (Maria)

I like the calm way you teach, your humour, and the personal, intimate, beautiful atmosphere. Go on like this, it is so blissful! I trust you, thank you very much. (Gregor)

Thank you for the wonderful experience you enabled for us yesterday! We had such an intense time together in a really safe and peaceful space – it is hard to express how deep we could feel that time… Thanks really a lot!! (Barbara and Anthony)

Yesterday it was a lovely event! Thank you! I love this connecting to earth and the spirits, it is so touching and so nourishing – I had so many moments during the dance that I felt like crying of gratitude and love. (Kathrin)

I liked your calm lovely way, you seem authentical, thanks for creating a space where I can feel secure and relaxed. I enjoyed the full body orgasm exercise, and the uncomplicated, open and playful presence of both of you, thank you! (Miriam)

Wonderful way of experiencing something new, no pressure, but the opposite, it’s an initiation to a new level of yourself. A moving, personal, boundaries-shattering, experience of sensuality and love manifest. Everyone should experience it. (Sam)

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