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Bliss of Tantra

Bliss is the natural state of human beings, reclaim it back!

In this workshop we will discover the abilities of tantra to bring harmony, happiness, love and joy to our lives. It is a transformative journey that gives the tools for your daily path towards a higher consciousness.

You can imagine yourself as a human being surrounded by several layers, or sometimes even shields, that prevent you to express your real self. Tantra allows to remove all these barriers, giving you the gift to experience and become your inner divine nature.
We are all born free and happy, spontaneous and innocent, in harmony with ourselves and the nature, as amazing loving human beings. Then, along our lives the social system added more and more conditionings, adapting us to the lifestyle of our society, at the expenses of our freedom and ability to love. This unnatural process creates deep unbalances, bringing us far from our real beings. The aim of Tantra is to rebalance our body-mind-soul system, reclaim back our divine nature, make us able to express our potential, access a conscious and fulfilling sexuality, relate with awareness, and build nourishing relationships with others.

We provide a safe and loving space to experiment and express freely yourself, building relationships based on trust and respect. Using special techniques, as rituals, meditations, exercises and massages, we will do a journey, at the same time playful and deep, into our inner self. In this magic experience we will explore the path from our most secret instincts to the bliss of the existence.

Through activities devoted to work with specific aspects of the whole chakra system, we aim to balance it and let the energy flow in his natural way. We will give special attention to the male-female polarities, that are a basic aspect of Tantra, and of our daily lives. A balanced male or female chakra system brings energy, vitality, joy, healthy sexuality, and ability to relate with others and with partners in nourishing harmony.

We will practice active meditations coming from Osho teachings, they are the magical keys to open your full potential. Rituals will bring us in a space of deep presence, allowing the magic to happen. The conscious touch in massages will bring meditative awareness and help the flow of energy through the chakra system.
You will work individually, in couples, and in group. There are no sexual interactions. There is (optional) nudity in some activities.
During the free time, we will be available for personal and couple coaching, to give the best possible support to your process.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • move into a joyful vital flow;

  • expand your loving abilities;

  • find your healthy sexual flow;

  • build trusting and nourishing relationships;

  • bring consciousness to your conditioning patterns;

  • express your emotional state;

  • balance your Chakra system;

  • balance male-female polarities;

  • accept and celebrate your divine nature;

  • surrender to the gifts of the existence.

Daily Schedule
7:30 – Meditation or Yoga
8:30 – Breakfast
10:00 – Tantra Activities
13:00 – Lunch and Free time
18:00 – Tantra Activities
19:00 – Dinner
20:30 – Tantra Activities
Time-table and activities are flexible and can change by partecipants needs

The group is open to everybody, singles and couples, beginners and experts. Couples will always have the choice to work between partners.



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